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We wanted to show you a taste of what we offer at The Parish Café.

We do have a constant menu with some of the items shown below, as well as seasonal specials!

As we love what we do, and we are passionate about our role and the ongoings within the Healdsburg community, we have also provided some related and informative videos and links below.

We hope you enjoy!

The Parish Cafe Photo Gallery (Healdsburg, CA)  

Hometown Hungers: Best Po’ Boys Outside of New Orleans

Restaurants across the country are channeling the tastes of the bayou with their own riffs on the Big Easy’s signature sandwich stuffed with seafood, meats and more.

This spot delivers a taste of the Crescent City in the midst of wine country…

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Food Network

12 Downtown Healdsburg Tasting Rooms + Restaurants You Can Walk To

A perk of living in San Francisco is that wine country is a short drive away. I’m spoiled and get to wine tasting multiple times a year.

Of all the wine regions, my favorite place to go wine tasting in California is Healdsburg! This town is super cute, the locals are friendly, the vineyards in the countryside are stunning and the food scene is LIT.

Seriously, for a small town in the countryside, Healdsburg has some fantastic restaurants and bars that all are located a hop, skip and a jump away from each other.

This Lousiana-inspired brunch spot is always the place the girls and I visit on Sunday mornings after drinking all day Saturday. Their beignets are to die for and I always order the Shrimp and Grits (aka hangover cure!)

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Whimsy Soul

50 Best Things to Eat in Sonoma County

There’s no road map to what makes a dish iconic. Instead, it’s a roughly sketched record of personal experiences, memorable moments, and collective consent. We worked as a team to hash out these winners, striving to represent the people, the land, the ingredients, and the point of view of our foodie paradise.

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Sonoma Magazine

Where to Get the Best French Toast in Sonoma

While the name suggests a French origin, various iterations of French toast have been created around the world for centuries. The earliest known reference to the dish is in a collection of recipes from the Roman Empire called the Apicius, thought to have been compiled in the first century. The simple recipe, described in the Apicius as “aliter dulcia” (“another sweet dish”), involved breaking white bread into large pieces, soaking the bread in a mixture of milk and beaten eggs, frying it in oil and then covering the golden creation with honey.

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Sonoma Magazine

Deep Dish Live Episode: XII – ABC Liquor Licenses and the Application Process


Best Lunch in Wine Country

A local legend serving Cajun and Creole favorites, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a wider selection of po-boys anywhere — really. Aside from the standard options like ham and cheese and catfish, the Parish Cafe also offers fried shrimp, fried green tomato and fried oyster po-boys. Wash them down with chicory coffee and get some beignets to-go.

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